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The Bamboo Delight Summer School and Library play a huge paper in the development of her community, there is no other place like this in town. All the kids (poor or rich) want to learn with us. Most of the kids before starting studying here, they have super low self-esteem, they don't dare to dream, their social and soft skills are extremely limited. They never use positive words to describe themselves, they don't have role models. But after they start studying here, year after year, is visible the difference on all of them, they become smarter, they believe they can do everything, they are happier, the smiles come out in their faces easily, the dreams start to flourish and their mind and eyes open to the wonders of the world.   The year 2020 was extremely hard for all of us, in Myanmar was a year without school, the government school, where they go to learn the whole year term did not open (only the last year of high school level had classes for less than a month but with the
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Who is Sue?

Ma Pu Sue, Yee Yee Min, 44 years old, born in Nyaung Shwe, mother of two, owner of Bamboo Delight Cooking Class & Restaurant and founder of Hand to Hand Charity . Pu Sue left school at the age of 14 to first work as a daily worker, then, eager to learn English, she attended an English-speaking class and worked as a tour guide and in the hospitality sector before starting her own business. In 2013, she opened a cooking class that she has been running twice a day with her husband. That same year, willing to provide educational activities to children from her neighborhood over the summer, she opened a library and summer school program as part of her charity project. The first year, she had 10 kids and in 2019 she hosted over 200 kids to whom she provided English and environmental education classes with the help of local and international volunteers. In 2017, to keep up with the tradition of her father welcoming guests in their home and cooking for them, she opened an informal restaur

Summer School

Our Summer School Program started in 2013, works 3 months a year (March, April, and June during the summer season in Myanmar. At our Charity School, we teach our students to believe in themselves, to be creative, use their imagination, dream, step forward, have compassion, be passionate, be leaders, be good people and be good to others. 💚 Summer School Timeline! 💚 2013 to 2016 After opening her own business, the Bamboo Delight Cooking School, Sue, decided it was time to start giving back all the help she had received during her life. She decided to open her house and teach the local children during their summer school break. At that time, she had only one small group with 10 students from her village. But she did not know how to teach them, so she invited foreign volunteers to come to her home and provide lessons to the children in exchange for meals she would cook for them. These volunteers were mainly guests that would come for the cooking class, learn about the project, and durin