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Our Projects

We aim to provide a happy education, teaching our students to dream and to believe that their dreams will come true with the study and work hard for it. We provide first time experiences, so they can have a taste of how life looks like outside their community. We teach them life skills and soft skills so they have better opportunities in life. All our projects are connected and are part of each other. 

Summer School

This is how it all started, in 2013, with 10 children from our street having classes with our clients from the cooking class that would spend a few hours of their time while visiting the lake and its surroundings. In 2016, we welcomed our first long term volunteer teachers and had a bigger group, with around 30 children. In 2017, around 80 children attended summer school. The following year, we were able to teach 120 children and in 2019, almost 200 students enrolled in our programme. Every year, the school has become more and more popular as we have been able to offer more activities, have more volunteers who have shared their skills and teaching experience with us.


This year, almost 300 students registered, but unfortunately, we had to close down the school after only one week due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.  However, we are already planning and organizing ourselves for 2021 to be able to welcome at least 300 students again!!!! Learn here more about this great program and here you can learn how to get involved. 

2019 Classroom - Grades 1 and 2

School Support 

Every year, we support children with school uniforms and school supplies so they can start the new school term with everything they need. This provides tremendous support to their families and great motivation for these children to learn and study hard at school. Every year, we support children in need in our community, some year we are able to support 10 children, other years 100, depending on how profitable our business is. Some years, friends from around the world also send us materials and donations so we can help more families.

We try to support children at school as much as possible, especially those who drop out because their families can no longer pay for their education. Every year, many children in Myanmar drop out of school and start to work at a young age to help provide for their families. We pay particular attention to these children and support them during the whole school year until their families can support them again, so they can complete their education. Learn here more about this great program and here you can learn how to get involved. 

2020 School Support


Our library started with the books Sue used to read to learn at home while the other children would go to school. Later during her adult life, she was given a book in English by a foreigner and from that moment, she started learning English and slowly started her own library at home. Now we receive book donations from many people in Myanmar and other countries. So the library today has more than 3,000 titles in English and Myanmar language.

When the Summer School project started, Sue started sharing her books with the children, so they could acquire the reading habit and learn more from these books. In 2019, we started to have reading time, once a week, in the classroom.

In 2020, because of the world pandemic, we started to open our library and lend books to the students. We made library cards so they could borrow a few books and return them after 2 weeks. We also started a small mobile library basket to the local accommodation so that the international guests who could not go back to their home countries and stayed in Nyaung Shwe during lock down could have a pleasant time during their stay in our town. Learn here more about this great program and here you can learn how to get involved. 

Photo credit Nyi Nyi
Library in 2020

Eco Warriors

Since the beginning of the Summer School project, every Friday the students lead by Sue would go to the street where we are located to pick up the trash to keep the road clean. In 2019 we started having bigger activities related to the environment. It became a subject of the Summer School, and we also do clean up activities in different parts of the town along with environmental awareness. In 2020 we created the "Eco-Warriors" program (initially was called Trash Heroes, but later we learned about a different project with this name so we changed), where we selected a group of kids to be in charge and keep the roads clean, the place they are responsible for is near where they live, we also place the trash bin in front of a few homes and they are in charge of it. Learn here more about this great program and here you can learn how to get involved. 

1st trash heroes group - 2020

2020 World Pandemic - Covid-19 

After the World Health Organization announced the World Pandemic on March 11th, the Myanmar government decided to close all the summer schools, kindergartens, shops, etc. in our country. For that reason, we could not have our students with us during this season time but decided that we could still do something for our community. We started cooking meals for the nurses, doctors, and staff at the Nyaung Shwe Hospital. Soon, our friends from different parts of the country and the world heard about our kind gesture and decided to help with money and food donations, so we were also able to provide food for more than 100 local families. We also cooked food for the children and shared plenty of vegetables around town, with the ones that were most in need during these difficult times. Learn here more about this great program and here you can learn how to get involved. 

Sharing meals during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020

Women & Child's Rights

In our community, there are many cases of domestic violence and child abuse. Hearing some of the stories,  we have slowly started to support the women and children that would come to us for help. We listen to their stories, give them our love and care, and do as much as we can to help them. We are planning awareness training and lectures for the youth and women in our community so they can learn to be more self-confident and believe in themselves. In the future, we hope to be able to teach them more skills so they can be able to provide for their families and no longer have to rely on their husbands or fathers who have often caused them trauma. Learn here more about this great program and here you can learn how to get involved. 

First Family Supported - 2020