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We believe reading is one of the best ways to improve ourselves and make our dreams come true!

"2013 - Library"

Our library started with the books Sue used to read to learn at home while the other children would go to school. Later during her adult life, she was given the book “The Alchemist” in English by a foreigner and from that moment, she started learning English and slowly started her own library in her living room. Now we receive book donations from many people in Myanmar and other countries. So the library today has more than 3,000 titles in English and Myanmar language.

"2015 - Library"

When the Summer School project started, Sue started sharing her books with the children, so they could acquire the reading habit and learn more from these books. In 2017 the library got a new space, where the students could spend their time reading and studying. 

"2017 - Library"
2018, the library had to be moved to a spacious area, to receive all the book donations, and for the students to feel more comfortable while reading.

"2018 - Library"
"2018 - Library"

In 2019, the library moved again, to protect them from the rain and also because we needed the older space for the summer school classroom. This year we also started to have reading time, once a week in the summer school program. 

"2019 - Library"

"2019 - Library"

"2019 - Library"

Our library relies completely on donations to grow. Every year we receive more and more different titles in English and in Burmese Languages. We also have magazines, comic books, and the most diverse of book titles available. 

"2019 - Books donation from the
Summer School volunteers"

In 2020, due to the world pandemic, we decided, for the first time, to open our library and lend the books to the students. We organized all the books per topic, labeled, and stamped them, so they could easily be returned to their places on the shelves. We made library cards so students could borrow a few books at a time and return them after a week. We keep a registration book, where we control all the books that are borrowed and returned. 

"2020 - Labelling, Fixing, Organizing the books"

During the first lockdown, we also organized a small mobile library basket for a few local tourist accommodations so that the international guests who could not go back to their home countries and were staying in Nyaung Shwe could have a pleasant time reading during their stay in our town. 

At the begging of June, we had less than 10 members, slowly each one started to bring a friend, and slowly we reached the 200 members. We really did not think our library would become such a successful project. Every day, more and more children come to read books and bring their friends along as well. But children are not the only ones to come and enjoy our library, many adults have now also become members. 

With patience and kindness, Sue has managed to help them to slowly build up their confidence and improve their skills, encouraging them to read together and help one another improve their reading skills. Many members had no desire to read or even learn before but now come always to borrow books and have become great readers. Many parents and neighbors have also shared with us that even the children's behaviors at home have improved a lot after starting reading books. 

As our volunteer teacher Juju also decided to stay and help us during the pandemic, we have been able to host other activities for our library members on the weekends, such as drawings, coloring, dancing, singing, and even at times some movie nights. It has been a great way to bring some joy and happiness to the children, during this hard time we are all going through; all our activities being, of course, done following the Myanmar Health Authorities' guideline, to make sure we all keep safe. 

After every month for the members that would come often and could share what they learned from the books would be taken on dinner or day trip. Some members love so much the library that they volunteer to clean the library once in a while, which we appreciate so much.

"2020 - Washing Hands"

"2020 - Library members"

"2020 - Story Telling Time"

When the second wave of the virus stated in the country, we started to have the children watching their hands before entering our place, and always wear the mask while here. When the virus arrived in our town, we closed the library for a couple of weeks, when the town was free of virus, we reopened the library but this time only once a week (on Mondays) and with more safety practices, as the moment the members arrive we give them hand sanitizer, they must wear the mask the whole time, they need come in small groups and keep the distance. This is the way we found to have the kids and the adults in our community to learn something while their stay at home, this year the school didn't open, so they could not learn, they could not study, so at least they can enjoy and learn from our books. This is the year, so far, we received the biggest amount of books, so many great donations, many peoples helped us to grow more and more our library, that we even had to make new shelves to accommodate it all. 

"2020 - Book Rental"