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Eco Warriors

We aim to teach the children and our community to love and care for our natural environment. Respecting the resources nature provides us. For the past few years, we have done several cleanups activities, since last year we starting teaching at our summer school program how to change daily habits into more eco-friendly habits. This year we are doing more awareness, we have to communicate more about the issues regarding pollution, single-use plastic, and littering. 

We teach them habits to guarantee the long life of our natural resources and how to appreciate them. During our summer school, part of our program is the environmental study, and we often organize clean up activities around town. This year the summer school is closed, but the library remains open. Most of our library members joined our new environment program the Eco Warriors. 

" We expect this to our town to become a trash-free place. 

To involve our community in our activities and especially to teach the young generation, to care, and to protect our natural environment. 

We hope with this our activities to make people aware of the need of changing our attitudes and habits in order to save our planet. For the future, we hope to have not only our road cleaner and greener but also our town." 

The Eco-Warriors started with a group of 15 kids on World Clean Up Day 2020 (September 19th). Now, we have 10 groups, around 120 people, that take care of the area around their homes to make sure the place is clean. They pick the trash people to throw away on the roads and place them in bags and after they put in front of their home so the Inle Rose Trash Service can pick it up and send it to the landfill. 

Every year the Hand to Hand Charity Myanmar organized activities to raise awareness about the environment. In 2019 we had the chance to participate in the World Environment Day in June led by the volunteer teacher Celine. 

In 2020, we decided to participate in World Clean-Up Day, we were the only group that we're able to do outside clean up, as we do not have cases of coronavirus in our town. We visit every house on the road, sharing the reason for what we were doing, giving awareness about not littering, keep their garden, front yard clean. We explained that we are placing trash bins along the road to avoid littering. Giving away an eco-bag with hand gel and masks to each house. We choose 15 kids, that is a member of our library and live on this road, to be the "Trash Heroes". So they are the keepers of the trash bins and responsible to keep the area around clean. The trash hero volunteers received a uniform (t-shirt, cap, name tag, and mask), they also got an eco-bag with a refill water bottle and washing clothes powder. We received great support from the Inle Professional Women Network - IPNet, they volunteered with us to clean up the road, and also they went house to house giving awareness to the families. 

Our Eco Warriors groups every day do clean up near their houses, and on Fridays, we get together to clean up different areas around our town. Starting November the Eco Warriors will start to do more awareness and fewer cleanups. 

On November 20th we will host a ceremony celebration to give away a certificate to all the Eco Warriors and also a present. 

In October Sue gave an interview to the new campaign in a town called SAY NO TO PLASTIC watch the full video here (the interview is in Myanmar language and have English language subtitles).