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The Story of the Hand to Hand Charity

During his life, Ma Pu Sue’s father, Ko Thaung, worked as a farmer in Nyaung Shwe. He spent most of his free time learning about the world through books he read and in inviting tourists who passed by to eat at his home. Although he could not speak a word of English, he taught his children that the sincerity of the heart was more important than language.

Thirty years later, a German man came to visit him again, just to find out that he had passed away. This was in 2013. This heartbreaking moment gave Pu Sue the desire to carry on her family tradition by showing her hospitality to tourists and learn about the world with them. She wanted to share this experience with the younger generations of her community. Thus, she opened her home to both locals and tourists so together they could share about their lives. Pu Sue did not get the chance to complete her studies. Realizing this missed opportunity, she wanted to help people by providing them with education.

"Tourists are coming from places far away. Although we cannot visit their places, we are so lucky to meet them in our home country." Ko Thaung

The meaning of the Hand to Hand logo…

About 10 years ago, Sue was raising her two daughters by herself, when she met a foreign lady on the street on her way to send Jewel, her oldest daughter, to school. This lady was distributing school supplies, notebooks, and pens, to the local people passing by in the street. On that day, Sue was sending her daughter to school without any school material, as she could not afford to buy anything, sometimes not even food to feed her daughters. So when she was handed the material from a stranger, she thought that thanks to this lady's act of kindness, her daughter could have a better day learning at school. Sue's feeling at that moment was GRATITUDE, and on that day she decided that she would also help others, little by little, giving as much as she could. 

Hand to Hand means… to give each other a hand.

During the Summer School 2019, we welcomed a Brazilian couple, that offered to help us make a video documentary telling about our Hand to Hand Charity project. They spend just a few days with us and did this incredible material, so we could share a little with you about our story, our routine and, our place. Watch the video on our YouTube Channel, where you will also find many other videos of our activities.