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Who is Sue?

Ma Pu Sue, Yee Yee Min, 44 years old, born in Nyaung Shwe, mother of two, owner of Bamboo Delight Cooking Class & Restaurant and founder of Hand to Hand Charity. Pu Sue left school at the age of 14 to first work as a daily worker, then, eager to learn English, she attended an English-speaking class and worked as a tour guide and in the hospitality sector before starting her own business. In 2013, she opened a cooking class that she has been running twice a day with her husband. That same year, willing to provide educational activities to children from her neighborhood over the summer, she opened a library and summer school program as part of her charity project. The first year, she had 10 kids and in 2019 she hosted over 200 kids to whom she provided English and environmental education classes with the help of local and international volunteers. In 2017, to keep up with the tradition of her father welcoming guests in their home and cooking for them, she opened an informal restaurant, the Taste of Bamboo Delight, where she welcomes guests and cooks for them whatever is available on that day. Pu Sue is always very enthusiastic to share her story and life experience with her guests as well as the students from her summer school to whom she wishes to be able to hand over her charity one day.


In 2018 she became a member of the Inle Professional Women Network - IPNet organization, and in 2020 she was elected one of the vice-chairwomen of this organization. 

She is a born leader, and an activist to improve and develop her community. She did not graduate from high school, but is always learning from the books and from others and especially from her life experiences. 

In 2020, Sue gave an interview to The Myanmar Times, the main newspaper of Myanmar, you can read it here.

She always says: 

"we can always help someone because even small gestures 

can make a big difference in someone's life."

"We need to listen more to each other. We need to feel more empathy for one another. We need to be more compassionate. We need to do to 

other what we would like them to do for us."