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Woman and Child Rights

One of our projects is to provide support to the woman that faces the most different types of difficulties. 

The most important part of our support is:

  • To listen to them
  • To give them our time and our love
  • To show them empathy
  • To give them direction and guidance 
  • To tell them to believe in themselves, to find strength, to believe they are beautiful and that they can achieve everything in life.

In our community, there are many cases of domestic violence and child abuse and in the whole country. This project is just at its beginning, we are still learning and understating how we can support more than, how we can educate the community on this subject. We hope and believe that in the future we will be able to support them more and more. 

We are in search of volunteers that can provide training on topics as women and child rights, how to stop domestic violence, the dangers of drugs and alcohol, women's health, and different skills so they can learn how to be more confident and be able to work by themselves and provide for the family and be able to leave the abusive marriages. Contact us if you would like to support us in this endeavor.