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Help us to build a new classroom for the 2021 activities!

The Bamboo Delight Summer School and Library play a huge paper in the development of her community, there is no other place like this in town. All the kids (poor or rich) want to learn with us. Most of the kids before starting studying here, they have super low self-esteem, they don't dare to dream, their social and soft skills are extremely limited. They never use positive words to describe themselves, they don't have role models. But after they start studying here, year after year, is visible the difference on all of them, they become smarter, they believe they can do everything, they are happier, the smiles come out in their faces easily, the dreams start to flourish and their mind and eyes open to the wonders of the world. 

The year 2020 was extremely hard for all of us, in Myanmar was a year without school, the government school, where they go to learn the whole year term did not open (only the last year of high school level had classes for less than a month but with the increase of cases the government decided to shut down the schools). Our Summer School also could not stay open, so it was a year without learning much, without much social interaction. Luckily we were able to run other projects and still be able to be close to some of the kids (especially the ones that need the most, the ones in Sue's neighborhood).

Now we are starting to organize, prepare, and plan everything for 2021. We want and need to open the Summer School, we also want to have projects during the whole year, such as the library, the environmental activities and also skills training, different subjects and topics lectures for the whole community. Every year Sue uses the profit of her businesses to prepare and renovate the bamboo hut we use as a classroom, the one we have today was built a few years ago, and every year she fixes it, but now it is falling apart so we won't be able to use it for 2021 activities. But for the 2021 year activities Sue won't be able to build it alone as 2020 was a year where she had zero profit, her business is closed since March, there is not much and clear information when tourism will start again (her business depend completely in tourist to run), and for that reason, we are here to ask you if you could help us to build a new classroom for next year (hopefully we can raise enough to make a bigger building that can last longer). 

The amount raised will be used as follow:

1. Build a new classroom, build a playground area and a bigger library;
2. Purchase more desks, chairs, whiteboard, shelves for the classroom;
3. Purchase classroom material (A4 papers, printer ink, markers, pens, pencils, notebooks and etc);
4. Summer School uniform and bag;
5. Outside excursions (transportation and food);
6. Environment Materials (trash bags, trash bins, eco-bags, water bottles, tools, etc);
7. Food and Snacks for the kids that spend the whole day at the school and participate in the projects and activities; 
8. Educational toys;
9. Books for the library and classroom;
10. Sponsor expenses of students that receive scholarship training to study in other cities (we are starting to make partnership for the best students of the Summer School that finishes the high school level to get a scholarship in different types of subjects in other places, a GREAT and UNIQUE change for their lives). 

How you can help us?

  • You can share the link below on your social media and also about our work;
  • You can create actions to raise money with us (we have many friends all over the world that do different types of an initiative to help us to raise money); You can contact us for more details;
  • You can send items as well (books, stationery, clothes, food, everything in good condition and sent with good hear is welcome);
  • You can be a volunteer (hopefully 2021 and the years after) will be safer to travel; The application will be open as soon the country reopens its borders, the details will be on our website;
  • You also can visit the Bamboo Delight Cooking Class & Restaurant (Sue's businesses) because as I mentioned before part of her profit goes to the Hand to Hand Charity projects (Summer School, Library, Environment, Community Support and etc.).