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Bamboo Delight Summer Youth Camp 2022

Bamboo Delight Summer Youth Camp 

Hand to Hand Charity Myanmar

About the project 

The “Bamboo Delight Summer Youth Camp 2022” project is one of the projects of Hand to Hand Charity Myanmar in this year, 2022. Unlike previous years, this year’s Summer Youth Camp is the kind of project our founder “Sue” has been dreaming of for years. Now she is leading and attempting to implement this project with the assistance of local volunteers and most importantly, with the financial assistance and intellectual advice of Sue’s friends in foreign countries. 

Project Deliverables

  • General Music

  • English Proficiency Courses

  • Introduction to Selected Science Subjects

  • Life Skills Trainings

  • Guest Speakers and Lectures Sessions

  • Extra-curricular Activities

Statement of Problem and Target Groups 

Due to the current political situations and the Covid-19 pandemic, schools are closed and some students do not go to the government schools. Some youths in Nyaung Shwe get married, drugged and forced to work in their teen ages. To prevent these issues and help the youths develop their intelligence and wisdom, the “Summer Youth Camp” project is intended to be provided for them. 

The project targets the two age target groups; 10-12 and 13-18 from Nyaung Shwe and the total number will be around 80 students. 10-12 age group will receive all the courses except skills training and social science subjects only on weekends while 13-18 youths will obtain all the courses which will be conducted in a language that is easily understandable and suitable to their level of understanding, on weekdays. The camp runs from March to May for 3 months with occasional trips and extra-curricular activities. 

The international volunteers will be invited to share their knowledge and skills and help the children practice their English in English sessions and also in skills trainings and social science subjects while local experts and figures are most welcome to take sessions for the children in selected subjects determined by the project. In general, local volunteers will lead the English and General Music courses and at the same time, assist in the whole project management. 

If you are interested in this project and want to contribute either your knowledge and skills or financial support or stationery materials towards the children and youths in Nyaung Shwe, please contact our founder Ma Sue via or her personal social media accounts. Additionally, you can directly contact the following persons;

Myoh Minn Oo @ Matt

Project Manager

Ten Nay John 

Project Coordinator

Hand to Hand Charity Myanmar

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